- Coimbatore

Importer & trading company

Products and Solutions:
solar panel cleaning liquid, solar batteries, solar LED lights etc

Company Type: Self Owned

Company Size: 2-10 Employees

Year founded: 2007

Company Address: krishna nagar, ganapathy


TRADESMAN posted: we have solar bio cleaner, & we are looking for dealers who is financially sound enough to promote this product.

Apart from this we are also in reviving weak battery of any brand & type. we will launch this reviver across tamilnadu & looking for entrepreneurs who wanted to have their own small scale business & save this earth from lead poisoning( save planet & human)
4 years ago Category: News, Biz Opportunities

Replies for this pozt

Rekha M . Please contact me at Like

TRADESMAN . check ur email. i have sent the dtails from my personal email id : . rgds.sunil Like

Vinod . Dear Sir,
Kindly send more info of Reviving the batteries, i am interested to start a venture that would help environment, can create jobs and reduce waste. kindly mail more info to
Vinod Kumar.
BDM-Sprint Technologies.
9686868609 Like

i have sent the mail, need more dtails to know more of your profile, as we are looking for a long term and we also can invest 10-20% in ur company, this is the strategy we are proposing, so that the master partner can know the company is supporting, and if u not want anytime we can sell the franchisee or if u not want our 10-205 investment still ok for us.

pls advice Like

TRADESMAN . sorr...mistake

if u do not want our 10-20 % investment, still ok for us Like

TRADESMAN . my email id: Like

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