Total solar energy enthusiasts and professionals at this community: 3914


Points: 13

Priya Anbarasan

Profile: Working as Marine Engineer
City: Krishnagiri
Points: 3

Arvind Kumar

Profile: Purchase /Procurement
Points: 1


City: Chennai
Points: 6

Sindhuja Ramar

City: Chennai
Points: 13

Rajan Dholekar

Profile: Manufacture of single and dual solar trackers
City: Mumbai
Points: 3

Narayan Nadkarn

Profile: HAM
Points: 4


Profile: I
City: Indore


City: Bangalore

Jaspal Singh

Profile: Masters in Management, Sales Professional - Renewable energy, Power Backup, Life Insurance, Automobiles.
City: Chandigarh


Profile: IT Sales & Marketing personnel with interest in Green Energy
Points: 7

Potuganti Prudhvi

City: Hyderabad
Points: 1

Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Profile: Business
City: Patna
Points: 1

Rocket Solar

City: Panipat
Points: 3


City: Loarmmooxy

Navin Vijayakumar

Profile: Project Engineer - Solar Projects
City: Chennai
Points: 9


City: Chennai
Points: 1


Profile: BE (mechanical) + PMP + 9 years experience in Project Management
City: Delhi
Points: 1

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