Karan gupta posted: What is the ideal no. of sunny days one should consider while setting up a plant in maharastra. any data available for maharastra in terms radiation .
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Narasimhan Hi Karan - u might find this map to be of help - Link ...u will see that most of Maharashtra falls in the 2000 kWh/m2 per annum Like

Narasimhan For Maharashtra, you can take 300-310 sunny days per year Like

Narasimhan The link above should be - Link Like

Narasimhan Sorry, this shud be the link - Link Like

Narasimhan Let me see if this works - solargis.info/doc/_pics/freemaps/1000px/ghi/SolarGIS-Solar-map-India-en.png Like

Karan Gupta thanks for the info, but how did you calculate it would turn down to 300 days.and is there any historical data of a plant based out of mumbai or new by. Like

Narasimhan karan, sorry i dont hv historical data, this is based on the solar map and the general knowledge available about sunny days in each region of India...you may want to talk to some in IIT B solar research centre for more precise data - Link Like

Madhusudhan Rao Karan, for a project of significant investment I would suggest using a professional software like Link Alternatively, data from NASA might help - Link . Talking to experienced professionals would help as they can provide inputs on issues at ground level. Like

Karan Gupta Thanks Mr Rao, basically i was looking for real time number, from some one has actually set up a plant in mumbai or near by. because i guess mumbai gets rain for almost 3 months ..so is it right to do the maths on 275 days at Rs 8 as electricity tariff. Like

Madhusudhan Rao Karan, I have not setup a plant in Mumbai, so I cannot vouch for actual numbers. But based on the satellite data, there are 157 cloud free days in a year (22-year avg.) and there are 57 no-Sun days. So, it is clear that we can take somewhere between 157 to 308 days. Therefore, 275 days seems to be fair assumption. Like

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