Liju Vaidhyan posted: Hi, I am new this community, But I was thinking from very long to make a team and take on to the challenge of Solar Race which is held in Australia in every alternative year. to put Solar technology of India on the map.
I need suggestion and enthusiastic team.
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Narasimhan How does this solar race work? Can you provide more details so that those interested could get in touch with you? Thanks Like

Liju Vaidhyan This is the official website of the solar race, Link This race about building a solar car, robust enough to travel 3000 odd km. In the desert crossing Australia from bottom to top. One of the Indian team has attempted it on 2011. this is the article given in wikkipedia Link And this the Url Link Like

Narasimhan Liju - were u able to proceed in this? Like

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