Madhavan Nampoothiri posted: MNRE releases Solar PV plant performance data for June 2013 - Link 4 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Hi, thanks for the link...useful...what's the CUF one can expect for places such has Paramakudi in TN? I stated about 23% to a question in this regard, but the Kolkata businessman I was talking to said 23% was too high for TN...he said their plant yielding 1.7 million units per MW (in Rajasthan) has a CUF of less than 20%, which doesnt tally with the MNRE data you have presented...opinions welcome Like

Madhavan Nampoothiri Narsi - The data presented here is on monthly basis. So, we will have to wait for a full year to get the annual CUF. Another point is that even in the data available, the CUF is varying within a wide range - 16% to 26%. I do not know what to make of it right now. So, the guy you spoke to is not contradicting the MNRE data. Like

Madhavan Nampoothiri Another possibility could be due to the usage of Thin Films. I heard that the Thin film module efficiencies are typically underrated since their performance drops drastically after about 12-18 months.This means that the performance of the plants will be very high in the first year,and then drops quite significantly. This is purely anecdotal and I don't have evidence to prove or disprove this. Like

Madhavan Nampoothiri Regarding Paramakudi, you can refer to the plant performance of RL clean power, in Sivaganga District. This location is only about 50 km from Paramakudi town. RL Clean Power has been showing CUF of about 20% on a monthly basis and it uses a-Si Thin Film modules. Like

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