Madhavan Nampoothiri posted: According to the MNRE, Solar in India has crossed the 2 GW landmark(grid-connected & off-grid systems combined). As of 31 August 2013, the total solar installed capacity stood at 2100 MW, out of which grid-connected solar capacity was 1969 MW and off-grid systems was 131 MW. Link 4 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Good stuff. My estimate is that somewhere around end of 2014, solar will become the second largest in terms of installed capacity, at about 5000 MW (assuming the 750 MW JNNSM quickly goes through and so do state projects in TN and AP. What do you think? Like

Madhavan Nampoothiri I will go with a more conservative estimate of about 4 GW at the end of 2014. This will include(hopefully) the 300 MW of CSP projects under JNNSM Phase 1, 750 MW in Phase 2, 750 MW from TN and AP, and another 200 MW the rest put together. Like

Narasimhan What certainly looks cool is that solar installations actually surpassed those for wind in Aug 2013. Even given this is a real lean time for wind, this is a fairly significant happening Like

Roshan I am an engineer in construction industry in middle east. i want to start my own business in solar industry. I specifically want to be in building integrated photovoltaics. Could you suggest how to go about this? Like

Narasimhan Roshan, I'd say BIPV is in its very nascent stage world over, and there's hardly any economic business case right now ( costs very high), so it's just those innovators who are trying it out. I hence request you to be careful while setting expectations for growth. Like

Roshan Ok. Pls let me know if there is any business oportunity for entrpreneur in this business. Thanks. Like

Roshan Also, pls let me if there is any business oportunity in any other business segment like trading, manufacturing, etc. I know a few interested parties who would like to start a venture in solar. Like

Narasimhan Right now, the hottest opportunity in terms of market growth is in rooftop solar power plants, the biz opportunity is in system integration for these rooftop power plants Like

Dhanush Hey Roshan, let's connect if you are interested in exploring business opportunities in Solar industry kndhanush@gmail.com Like

RANJANI Mr. Roshan, I would like to connect to you if you are seeking some business opportunities in solar. pl write to me on ranjanibng@gmail.com or 98450 49753 i am Bangalore. Like

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