venkata ramana posted: India may see its first floating solar power facility by 2014. The innovative design is being developed by a team led by SP Gon Chaudhuri, director at Development Consultants Private Limited and vice chairman at Calcutta Institute of Technology.The team has submitted a request to develop the first prototype in a pond. 4 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Hi Venkata, is there a link for this? Sounds interesting... Like

Narasimhan And by the way, you can add your company profile by using the link on the top panel. Every time you contribute after that, your company link will appear after your post Like

Venkata Ramana Hi,Narsimhan, here is the link .Link Like

Narasimhan Thanks Venkata for the link...it is interesting to note that cooler panels could mean 16% higher productivity...appears to be a win-win... Like

Venkata Ramana hello Mr Narsimhan i would like to ask you for a favor. If its alright with you can you please check my website Link which is still under construction and reply me with your your valuable suggestions. Like

Narasimhan Give me a day Venkata, will do it...am running around a bit today, thanks Like

Venkata Ramana No problem thanks a lot. Like

Narasimhan I am surprised that the flaying panels technology does not seem to have caught on after the initial burst of enthusiasm Like

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