Kalaiselvan posted: Yingli solar panels in INDIA...The worlds No.1 PV Module manufacturer...Yingli solar in india. 4 years ago Like

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Narasimhan @Kalaiselvan - what are the approximate prices for the panels - Rs/W? Like

Kalaiselvan It will depends on the customer's requirement..for 10kw order we are selling at Rs.50/Wp Like

Narasimhan Agreed..Yingli is world #1 right now, and naturally we are not looking at very low prices..but Rs50 /W would be almost $1/W...I thought we could get good quality panels at US cents 70 or less? Like

Kalaiselvan @narsi-Mi8 be you can get, we are giving these rates only for kw business and our MW will costs u around Rs.38 to 40/Wp. Like

Narasimhan OK, got it. All the best...these are all polysilicon, I presume? Does Yingli also make thin film solar modules? Like

Krish Mr Kalaiselvan, what would be current pricing for MW orders? Like

Narasimhan Kalaiselvan - what are the approximate prices now? Like

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