Dr.S.ALBERT ALEXANDER posted: Sub: Workshop on ‘Hybrid Power Generation Systems’ at CPRI, Bangalore
It is for the kind information that the above said workshop is being
arranged at CPRI during 11th & 12th October 2013.
4 years ago Like

Replies for this pozt

Raghavendra Rajeet Need info on Registration details. kgreen.raghu@yahoo.com Like

Dr.S.ALBERT ALEXANDER Email sent to your inbox with registration form and details Like

Ashwani please send me information about the registration and details. ashwanicleantech@yahoo.com Like

Dr.S.ALBERT ALEXANDER Email sent to your inbox with registration form and details Like

Narasimhan I found that this links provides some more details, though not enough, about this workshop - Link Like

Narasimhan And this is the complete list of events done by CPRI - Link - very impressive, I must say...fantastic range Like

Narasimhan Albert...would it be possible to provide a link from where we can get to know the contents/agenda of this workshop..the link I have provided earlier still does not contain any details on the agenda...thanks in advance Like

Dr.S.ALBERT ALEXANDER contact address: Shri. M Siddhartha Bhatt, Additional Director Like

Dr.S.ALBERT ALEXANDER Dear sir, It has a pdf and word file for this event and no web link. If required i can send it to your email id. Like

Narasimhan Thanks Alexander, will do the needful Like

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