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Independent (with battery storage) or Ongrid Solar Systems

Experts in Solar Systems for Small or Big Houses in Macedonia

What Will You Get by Installing a 6kWh Solar System in Your Home With GoSolar? Look at these numbers:

kW Energy Produced Per Year
Trees Planted Each Year
KG CO2 Less Each Year
Euros Savings in Total
Years To Get a ROI
We Will Make Sure That You Get Everything You Need to Go Solar!

Do You Know How Much You Can Save With Solar Energy?

Find Out in 3 Easy Steps with Our Calculator!

Our FREE Solar System Calculator will save you hours, if not days, in research and analysis. Now you can get a full report on potential solar power production and cost savings during a full year and in the full 25 years solar panels guarantee.

Get Detailed Overview of Your Power Usage and Potential Savings.

We Present To You the Winter Offer 22/23 from GoSolar Club

Solar Systems Offer for Residential or Weekend Houses in Macedonia

Independent (With Battery Storage) or Grid Tied Solar Energy Systems.

The Family Freedom

Enhanced Offgrid Solar Set

Family Freedom

5kWh Hybrid, 7.2kW Storage, 4.5kWh Solar

over20,000€ save
Enhanced Offgrid Solar

The Solar Pack: 'Family Freedom' can save you about 19.200 euro in its lifetime , with investment paid off in less than 6 years.

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Network Unlocker

Optimal Ongrid Solar Set

Network Unlocker

6kWh Ongrid, 5,5kWh Solar (no storage)

over25,000€ save
The Complete Ongrid Solar

The Solar Pack: 'Unlocked the Network' can save you about 26,600 euro in its lifetime with the complete investment paid off in only up to 5 years.

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Weekend Independence

Standard Offgrid Solar Set

Weekend Independence

3kWh Hybrid, 2,8kWh Storage, 2,4kWh Solar

over10,000€ save
Standard Offgrid Solar

The Solar Set: 'Weekend Independence' can save you over 13.900 euro over its lifetime, with the investment paid off up to 6.5 years.

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Find Out Which Set is Right for You!

Answer 3 Questions | Get Many Answers!

How much energy you spend during the day, how much solar energy you need to offset the daily usage, how much solar power you can produce on you roof, how big should the invertor be, what size of batteries should you use… and much more!


Satisfied Clients

It does matter which contractor you choose. For an investment that will stand over your heads for a long time, you should choose right! With us, going solar is simple, affordable and reliable.

Don't Know Where To Start?

Go Solar With Us in 3 Easy Steps! We will take care of everything for you.

Analysis & Sizing

Analyze your power consumption and create your own system.

Site Engineering

Personally visit the site and make all plans necessary.

Install & Enjoy

Install the system and use free and clean power for your needs.

Start By Sizing Your Solar System

Use our FREE Solar System Calculator to find out the exact solar power and system needed for your own needs.

Experts in Solar Systems for Small or Big Houses in Macedonia

Experts in Solar System for Small and Big Houses in Macedonia

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