Преносна Електроцентрала: GoSolar1000 – 375Wh Инвертор | 800Wh Склад за енергија + 200Wh Панели


The Portable Power Station by GoSolar Club is a mobile quiet, clean, renewable, free energy source anytime and everywhere you go.

*** Premium Components, Quality Packaging & Fully Installed!




The Portable Energy Source in a Box

375Wh Inverter, 200W Solar Panels, 800W Battery Storage

GoSolar Mobile is a portable solar power system for applications with lower consumption. Its robust and practical design makes it easy to transport wherever you need it.

Powerful enough to charge, simultaneously, mobile devices, batteries of scooters, bicycles; connect small appliances and tools, lighting or irrigation systems, or medical tools.  A unique ally in your travels and leisure adventures, and a pioneering solution in emergency situations.

What Does This System Includes?


1. Solar Panels – 2x100W | 200Wh (options available)

2. Solar Inverter – 1 x 375Wh

3. Solar Batteries – 1x85ah | 800W (options available)

4. Mounting Elements and Cables

5. Electrical Parts and Protections

6. Installation and Activation (options available)

   * Premium Service. 100% Guarantee!



*This Solar Kit includes everything you need. 
There is no need of further installation. 

What Do You Get With This System?

GoSolar Mobile Set 


What Type of Solar Panels Are Included?


gosolar panels


We only include Grade A solar panels in our solar sets.

They are always monocrystalline and come with at least a 25-year power output warranty.

We only source and supply solar panels from reputable brands that have been in business for many years.

For more information on the solar panels, click here.



What Kind of Power Inverter Is Used?


The Invertors we use are pure sine invertors with hybrid functions to be able to operate with multiple sources of power and deliver it to your house.

They are always from trusted suppliers and they usually come with 2 year factory guarantee, which can be upgraded by our premium warranty support.


For more information on the invertor, click here.





What Kind of Batteries Are Included?



We always include GEL solar batteries in our solar sets.They can be upgraded or replaced with lithium iron phosphate batteries if needed.

We only source and supply batteries from reputable brands that ideally have Macedonian based support teams. We stand behind the batteries we sell and because of that, your batteries will always be covered by a factory warranty.

For more information on your battery storage, click here.


How is This System Packed?


GoSolar Mobile Set


The GoSolar Portable Kit is designed with the best materials for outdoor use. The installation and activating the system takes less than 5 min.
No need for tools or qualified personnel.

It is consisted from two parts: a durable suitcase on wheels for the power generator and a firm protection case for the solar panels.



Buy With Confidence. All of Your Questions Answered.

Does this set come with a guarantee?
Absolutely. You are covered with all factory guarantees for each component, plus 2 year full guarantee on installation of the system (if we install the system for you).


Can I expand this system in the future?
Yes you can expand with more solar panels only or increase the battery storage. Would you need a bigger system, you might want to size it right from the start.


How long will my battery bank last?
The batteries are covered with 3 years factory guarantees and 3,000 deep charging cycles lifetime duration, which means that they should last for the next 8-10 years if they are used daily.


Can I install this system myself?
The system comes preinstalled and you don’t have to do anything else apart of using it.


What sort of solar panel racking is included?
The solar panel is mounted on a movable rack that it can be positioned at the right angle towards the sun to get the most amount of solar energy.


GoSolar 375 Portable Solar Systems in Action

Photos from our Customers



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