On Grid Kit: The Networker – 6kWh Inverter | 5,5 kWh Solar, (no storage)


The Complete Ongrid Solar Kit –> 6kWh Inverter, 5.5kWh Solar Power System by GoSolar Club gets you the required power to run your complete house and sell the excess energy back the grid.

*** Premium Components, Mounting racks & Cabling Included!




The Complete ONGRID Solar Set

6kWh Inverter, 5,5 Solar Panels, no battery storage

Our complete Ongrid Solar Kit GS-NG-6 comes with all elements needed to have a free, clean, quiet, solar power.
This kit can run all of your household appliances including kitchen appliances, washing machines, air-conditioning and more! The energy that is over produced it can go back to the grid for later use.

What Does This System Includes?



1. Solar Panels – 12x455W | 5,5kWh

2. Solar Ongrid Inverter – 1 x 6kWh

3. Solar Batteries – not available

4. Mounting Elements and Cables

5. Electrical Parts and Protections

6. Installation and Activation (options available)

   * Premium Service. 100% Guarantee!



*This Solar Kit is required to be professionally installed by a certified solar installer.

What Do You Get With This System?

Solar Energy Production

Daily Production = 28Wh
Daily Storage = 0kWh
Total Daily Production = 28kW
Monthly Production = 825kWh
Yearly Production = 9.900kW

Environmental Impact

Less CO2 Generated per Year = 12.1 Tons
Trees Planted Yearly= 253 grown trees

Energy Savings Value

Yearly Savings (EVN High) = 1.385 euro
Total Savings (25 years) = over 25.000 € (with the investment paid-off)

Return on the Investment = 5,4 years

What Type of Solar Panels Are Included?


gosolar panels


We only include Grade A solar panels in our solar sets.

They are always monocrystalline and come with at least a 25-year power output warranty.

We only source and supply solar panels from reputable brands that have been in business for many years.

For more information on the solar panels, click here.



What Kind of Power Inverter Is Used?


The Invertors we use are three phase premium invertors with functions to deliver power to your house

and send it over to the grid.

They are always from trusted suppliers and they usually come with 5 year factory guarantee, which can be upgraded by our premium warranty support.


For more information on the invertor, click here.





What Type of Mounting Racks and Cabling We Use?



Mounting the solar panels on the roof that are meant to be placed once and not maintained at all, should be from quality elements.

In our sets we always include premium mounting racks, clamps, screws, cables, connectors and everything else needed to mount your solar system properly.

For more information click here.


Buy With Confidence. All of Your Questions Answered.

Does this set come with a guarantee?
Absolutely. You are covered with all factory guarantees for each component, plus 2 year full guarantee on installation of the system (if we install the system for you).


Can I expand this system in the future?
No. This system can not be expanded in the future.


Can I install this system myself?
We ‘ve created this kit to with simplicity in mind so you can install the system yourself. However, we highly recommend getting the help of a professional installer / certified electrician.


What sort of solar panel racking is included?
The mounting systems included are complete sets for mounting the system directly on the roof. The roof types covered are metal and tile roofs.


Can I sell power back to the grid with this system?
Yes. This system is designed with three phase inverter that can deliver the excess energy generated to the grid.

6kWh Solar Systems in Action

Photos from our Customers



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